Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF)

Building innate reader to become a leader

Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) is a youth-led, government-approved non-profit organization working towards ensuring SDG4 since 2016. We provide free access to reading books and a curriculum to enhance reading skills while having different activities and projects to maintain reading habits among children. Our goal is to create an educational environment where children can grow and become sensible citizens and take ownership in bringing a difference in their communities. 


One day all children in Bangladesh will have access to the right creative learning environment which will build their innate reader to become a leader.



Grow your Reader will enable primary school going children to have basic skills through our advanced creative learning tools.


Core Values

Ensuring sustainable development of the society by developing cognitive, social and emotional skills through proper education.




A street library initiative is simple yet powerful: individuals can leave their old books in designated locations so that those who lack the means can discover and enjoy new books for free.

Mobile library and internet hotspot help to keep the light of learning alive for underprivileged children in 12 underserved communities in Bangladesh. 

স্কুলের বাইরে

An after-school program “স্কুলের বাইরে শেখা” at Beltala, Jessore, where students from the public universities are providing education in the most updated approach TaRL (Teaching at the Right Level).


Grow Your Reader Foundation has around 28 library stations with 8500 readers and 10000 books across the country to nurture reading habits. 


Our motto is Books that build bridges, fostering empathy in our circle. It’s a literary haven where book enthusiasts from all walks of life can come together to share their passion for the written word.


Online Activities

We have an online library from where everybody can access our own published books for free. 

A curriculum designed to teach easy techniques to teachers, parents, and early school children for English reading.

We publish stories for children, ensuring that each story is available in book, audio, and video formats. This way, every child can choose their preferred option for an optimal learning experience. 



Shoba Macintyre
School Improvement Specialist Coach, Papar District Education Office Sabah, Malaysia

“Your presentation is lively and interesting. The audio is clear. Your reading skill teaching system is easy to understand and the sequence of learning or steps are scientific, well organized and easy to follow.”

Dr Houssem Abida
TEDx Tunisia Speaker, Wikimedia Tunisia

“The videos are very user-friendly and adapted to the targeted viewers. They use a very organized, creative and funny approach to make the learning experience more integrated. I highly recommend to follow Grow Your Reader Foundation YouTube channel.”

Lutfun Nahar Anika
Instructor, 10 Minute School

“Very insightful. I hope it will help the kids and their parents as well. Thank you so much Grow Your Reader Foundation for bringing this interactive content.”

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Our initiative is aided by an active community of partners and friends with a common belief that every child deserves an appropriate learning environment. Our partners support us in numerous ways – through funding our program, lending their voice to our cause, and more.


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