A Street Library Project

GYRF launched the “Book Garage’ a street library initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic in June 2021. The premise behind this project is simple yet powerful: individuals can leave their old books in designated locations so that those who lack the means can discover and enjoy new books for free. We have already installed 33 street libraries across four different regions, housing a total of 5,000 books across Bangladesh. These libraries have been a tremendous success, with approximately 5,500 children and numerous adults benefitting from this initiative.

Street Libraries

By establishing Book Garages in such locations, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

    1. Encourage Reading of Story Books: By providing easy access to a wide range of Bengali books, we hope to instill a love for reading among children and adults alike. This will contribute to preserving our rich cultural heritage and language.
    2. Utilize Unused Resources: Many individuals possess books that are no longer in use, occupying space in their homes. By allowing them to donate these books to the book garages, we can maximize the utility of these resources and provide access to a diverse collection of books for the community.
    3. Promote Empathy and Respect: Reading books open doors to new perspectives and nurtures empathy and respect for others. By engaging individuals from different backgrounds and age groups in a shared reading experience, we can foster a sense of understanding and appreciation for diversity.
    4. Create Reading-Friendly Environments: By establishing book garages in parks and schools, we can create an environment that encourages reading and intellectual growth. This will benefit both children and adults, allowing them to explore new worlds and expand their knowledge.
    5. Promoting Mental Wellbeing: Establishment of Book Garages in the road side, park and school can serve as an alternative source of entertainment, ultimately reducing excessive screen time and internet consumption. With the prevalence of digital devices and online content, it has become increasingly important to address its potential impact on mental health.

We firmly believe that the implementation of book garages in different areas will significantly enhance the educational and cultural landscape of the community. The project aligns perfectly with the goals of promoting literacy, providing equal opportunities, and fostering a society that values knowledge and understanding.



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