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Book Garage

During this Covid 19 pandemic, we launched a street library project called “Book Garage,” which opened its doors on the first of June, 2021. The initiative is founded on a simple principle—leave your old books behind so that those who don’t have the means can discover a new book for free. Many children drop out of school maybe because their parents sent them to work or due to financial crisis. They lack the opportunity to buy books and enjoy the hobby of reading as they aren’t financially empowered enough to do that. Because we have that privilege, we can read storybooks to develop our emotions and social learnings, but underprivileged children cannot. With this in mind, we have set up “Book Garage” in about 19 streets at Dhaka, Jamalpur, Tangail, and Chittagong, where children can take the books, read them, and after reading them, bring them back and borrow new books. Book Garage aims to increase literacy gradually and inspire the children currently out of school to keep reading and learning.


This project is funded by Global Youth Mobilization and conducted with the help of the Big 6 Organization, United Nations Foundation, and World Health Organization (WHO).

Grow Your Reader Foundation

Grow Your Reader Foundation is an organization which works for ensuring quality education among children having own created curriculum, teachers’ training facilities and library stations. 


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