Be the Nextfighter to change the future

Bangladesh became independent because of the freedom fighters. They fought for our freedom and freed us from the oppression of the Pakistani Army. Now after 50 years of independence we are facing the same situation, the quality of educated students is deteriorating day by day. Grow Your Reader Foundation is here to make a stand against this disaster. We are working on improving the overall quality of a student for a better future. Just like the freedom fighters freed this nation now it’s our task as the next fighters to change the future of Bangladesh.

Celebrating 50th years of Bangladesh, Grow Your Reader Foundation has hired 50 Next fighters as our 1st batch who are currently working for raising fund, donation distribution and teaching online, creating educational content etc. We have hired 111 volunteers till now. 

We have 25 active  ambassadors who are working to advance our vision.

Grow Your Reader Foundation

Grow Your Reader Foundation is an organization which works for ensuring quality education among children having own created curriculum, teachers’ training facilities and library stations. 


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